A powerful body of evidence now conclusively demonstrates that nut consumption correlates with reduced coronary artery disease. To date, at least five large epidemiological studies have demonstrated that frequent. consumption of nuts decreases the risk of coronary artery disease. In each of these studies, the m0re nuts consumed (about five servings a week), the lower the risk. Even when adj usted-for other factors, such as age, sex, race and lifestyle variables, the results held. Overall, people who ate nuts five or more times a week had a 15 to 51 per cent reduction in coronary heart disease. And amazingly, even people who ate nuts just once a month had some reduction.

One of the main contributors to heart health in nuts, particularly in walnuts, is the omega-3 fatty acids. We know that this particular component of fat works in various ways to help guarantee a healthy heart and circu, latory system Like aspirin, omega 3s ‘thin’ the blood, helping it to flow freely and preventing clots from forming and adhering to the vessel walls. Omega 33 also act as an anti-inflammatory, preventing the blood vessels from becoming inflamed a condition that reduces blood flow:

Lowered blood pressure is another benefit of the omega3s and, of course, reducing hypertensiOn (or high blood pressure) is an excellent way to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and even macular degeneration .

It’s interesting to note that While the beneficial fatty acid composition of nuts would account for some of their positive effects on blood lipids, and thus their benefits to heart health, that doesn’ t explain the whole picture In ’ other words: in addition to the known health-promoting factors in nuts, including the omega~ -,3s the B Vitamins, magnesium, polyphenols, potassium and vitamin E, there are other elements, which we ’ve yet to identify, that work to lower cholesterol levels and promote heart health.

You’ll notice that walnuts are the flagship nuts in this SuperFoods category. I want to stress, however, t at ad nuts and seeds are significant contributors to your good health. It makes sense that nuts and seeds are rich sources of a wide variety of nutrients. They are, after all, nature 3 nurseries. A nut or seed is basically a storage device that contains all the highly concentrated proteins, calories
and nutrients that .a plant embryo will require to flourish.
While walnuts are the flagship, SuperFoods nut, my other two top choices include almonds and pistachios. My top-choice seeds are pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

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